Wedding Technologies: A Blissful Step Into the Future

The question has finally popped up, and you are eager to start your journey with the love of your life. But now you are left with the daunting task of planning the wedding. Planning the wedding is not a cakewalk, but there are a few things that can help you with this task.

One thing you should definitely try to take advantage of are the new wedding technologies that are coming out.

New Technologies Available To You

Not to long ago, Huffington Post published an article specifying a few ways that different technologies are helping couples with their wedding plans.

Registry is Changing

One change is creating a registry for your guests. This was a task that used to take couples a long time to complete, since they had to physically visit the stores that sold most of the items they needed. And, once they found the store, the couples had to physically browse the items until they were satisfied with the entire list. There is no doubt that this task took a lot of time from the couple, but new technologies are making registry a lot simpler.

One technology that is really making a splash is called Slyce, though it has not been integrated with every store. Slyce is a smart photo-recognition tool that helps you identify items visually using one of 3 types of technological fingerprints using your smartphone. One is simply reading the QR code of the item, and the other uses your camera to scan printed material, like a magazine or billboard, to identify the item.

And, lastly, the third way that Slyce identifies items is by examining the picture you take; it will in turn provide information about the product. While lounging around your home, you may see a commercial about a product that you want in your registry. All you have to do is take a picture and add it to your registry.

You would be happy to know that Neiman Marcus has already integrated this program into their store. But call some of the stores you are interested in to spread the word around.

Wedding Attire Might Get Easier

Finding the right attire for yourself, bridesmaides, and groomsmen is another task that is seeing a revolution because of technology. For example, the sharing-economy is starting to make real changes in the way that you choose your wedding attire.

You can actually visit sites that allow you to rent wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses instead of having to buy these items. The Huffington Post article pointed out sites like Burrowing Magnolia or Vow to be Chic. Men can download an app from places like the Men’s Warehouse to help him and his groomsmen update their sizes.

Yes, it is a brave technological world filled with things like website builders, like Wix, to help you make your wedding web page. There are also app builders, like ApplyCouple, to create your own app for the wedding. But these changes are there to make things easier for you; hopefully, someday all you will have to worry about is getting in your dress and saying, “I do.”