A Soap Opera to Remember

Since it’s pilot opening in 1968, the Soap Opera, One Life to Live, has become one of the most influential shows on TV. Airing from 1968 to 2012, One Life to Live for 43 years awed audiences with its drama style acting and mysterious storytelling. According to one article, One Life to Live was one of the first television shows to introduce ethnically and socioeconomically diverse characters as well as emphasize social issues during that time period.

The success of One Life to Live from when it begun in 1968 to 2012 was evident when it went from a 30 minute segment to 45 minutes, to eventually 1 hour. One Life to Live also addressed the importance of Soap Operas in television. One Life to Live’s importance was in being able to tell captivating story telling. It embraced controversial issues that were present in modern culture. One Life to Live was able to captivate audiences with their interesting and dynamic characters from Viki Lord, John Bain, to Starr Manning. While there were many more characters, these were some of the major characters.

Part of the shows success when it aired from 2009-2010 was the character Stacy Morasco, also known as the actress Crystal Hunt. Hunt’s time on the show showed how her unique acting skills that contributed to the shows success. Her role as Stacy Morasco, although only for a short time, provided the show with a complex story arc and a character that the fans could hate.

Before One Life to Live, Crystal Hunt built an impressive acting resume. She worked on commercials to eventually landing a breakthrough role on the Guiding Light from 2003-2006, which would win her a Daytime Emmy Award and a Soap Opera Digest Award. After Guiding Light she would continue to star on other TV shows. She would eventually transition from TV to movies, starring in 23 Blast, Magic Mike XXL, and Queens of Drama as herself. She is currently an executive producer working the film, Talbot County.  She also maintains a Facebook page for fans.

One Life to Live changed the way television told stories. It revolutionized it. It captivated audiences with their storytelling and the relationships between characters. Crystal Hunt as Stacy Morasco was an example of an interesting character that contributed to the dynamic storytelling of the show. Overall, One Life to Live changed TV and showed how important Soap Operas are in the history of TV shows.