Jackson Family Wines Collection: More Than A Family Owned Business

Julia JacksonHaving the ability of owning a successful business is the American dream for many people. Being a successful person is also what most people aspire to be, but that dream doesn’t seem to come into fruition for most individuals. On the other hand, Proprietor Julia Jackson is living out her dream in a sense. She works with the famed Cambria Estates Winery of the Pacific Northwest. This just so happens to be her family’s business, but it has grown and branched out beyond the borders of Santa Maria. Julia mother, Barbara Banke, is the owner here and Julia is following in her mother’s footsteps.Julia Jackson has studied at Stanford University where she completed an intense General Management program. She has also studied over at Scripps College where she earned an undergraduate degree. Julia has lived in Los Angeles, and she has participated in modeling. Julia Jackson

This woman seems to be a jack of all trades kind of gal. Her love of winemaking developed over time as she worked in numerous wineries. After moving to Bordeaux, France, she fully immersed herself into the culture. Some days should would shadow industry personnel while others days were spent picking and sorting through grapes. Some of the days spent for work were 14 hours. She got so good with the French language, French class was on her next menu of accomplishments. Yes, Julia taught a sixth-grade French class.Julia Jackson is all about “girl power,” and her Seeds of Empowerment organization personifies it the best. This nonprofit foundation celebrates ambitious females, and it regularly donates cash grants to deserving organization in the area. Julia Jackson is a chip off the old block, but in a good way. Her future within this industry is looking mighty bright and the family business will continue to grow stronger by the day.

Julie Zuckerberg: Driven To Succeed

Julie Zuckerberg embodies what it means to be persistent, driven and determined to succeed no matter the circumstance. As a leading executive recruiter working for Deutsche Bank, she has taken on the task of employing millennials that will thrive and be the center of the next generation of banking professionals.


It is stated that millennials are not as driven to work and be committed to a job as individuals as past generations, however, Julie has been entrusted to be the forerunner in recruitment because of her keen understanding and communication skills. She is equipped with both the psychological discipline and the philosophical learning skills needed to be successful and is widely known as one Deutsche Bank‘s greatest employees.


Julie Zuckerberg embodies what it means to go the extra mile. Her journey to becoming a great recruiter was well calculated. She studies her current employees, individuals social media sites and she also gets current employees involved in the hiring process of new candidates. This helps her find candidate that will fit well in the company culture and building trust and community within the company. This strategy goes to the show the genius mind of Zuckerberg and how she maintains a great reputation.


Julie utilizes every possible resource to ensure the successful recruitment of the future of the banking industry. She is active in multiple professional organizations. She also cultivates long standing relationships with other recruiters, executive search forms, and university placement offices. She is also able to take advantage of Deutsche Bank’s attractive employment bundle which gives her an upper hand when finding outside talent. Deutsche Bank also has an outstanding reputation as a top establishment which also aids in keeping employees with the company longer.


It is more of a challenge to keep millennials around at entry-level positions, but Julie is a master at interacting and keeping them encouraged and in great spirits concerning the job. Julie is dedicated to her work. When she is not at work, she is still pouring herself into learning and figuring out ways to be successful.


Julie Zuckerberg understands the importance of balance. She takes time to enjoy the outdoors, eating good food and attending art exhibits. She also takes time to enjoy some of her favorite hobbies which include photography and running. She is a well-rounded person and knows that her work load should not overload her life. Julie Zuckerberg is truly an inspiration for anyone wanting to thrive in any position in life.


Helane Morrison Rise to the Pinnacle of Corporate World

Hall Capital is a leading San Francisco, California based investment firm that is unique run by an all women team. According to Xrepublic.net, this highly successful firm is head by Helane Morrison, as its Chief Compliance Officer, MD and General Counsel. Before joining the firm in 2007, Helane served as the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) chief for a duration of 8 years, starting from 1999 to 2007. While here, she was responsible for overseeing fraud cases, regulatory implementation and securities law enforcement. Her position allowed her to articulate for the rights of defrauding seniors, lead fraud investigations against top executives of Fortune 500 firms and fight insider trading.


Morrison’s decision to move to Hall Capital Partners was informed by a number of issues including; growing cultural diversity in the leadership of investment and banking firms. She is assisted by an executive hierarchy that includes Kathryn Hall, the company’s Chief Investment Officer and Sarah Stein, the President. The successful business leadership skills Morrison has exhibited over the years, stems from her strong beliefs in the principles of standing for justice and moral values. This is why she continues to expose and fight fraud and scandals in the financial sector to this date. Back at Hall Capital Partners, the firm has witnessed exponential growth; it now oversees an asset portfolio totaling $24 billion.


Helane Morrison also has a long, successful career in law. During the early 80’s, Morrison served Honorable Prichard Posen, the then sitting judge of the US Court of Appeals for 7th District and later Supreme Court Justice, Harry Blackmun. Between 1986 to 1996, Morrison moved at one of San Francisco’s most prestigious law firms, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin (NCF&R). Her exemplary work in areas covering SEC compliance and business litigation led to appointment as partner 4 years after joining the firm. Helane Morrison is also well read and active in advancing the rule of law through public forums.


According to an excerpt appearing on HallCapital.com, Morrison pursued BSc in journalism at North Western University in Chicago, before joining UCLA, Berkeley School of Law to study for her JD. During her days at the Berkeley based university, Helane Morrison was the Editor in Chief of the respected California Law Review. Outside her core business engagements, Helane Thompson is an active member of the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of American Bar Association’s (ABA) and a public speaker. Her talks largely center on law, compliance and investment.



Helane Morrison: Knowledge is Power

These days, compliance officers are being asked to do a lot more than before. There is a lot more on their plate and a lot more to handle. However, if anyone is up for the job, it is Helane Morrison. She can take on anything that is thrown her way and doesn’t even bat an eye lash. This comes from having experience and with experience comes knowledge and power. When you have done something once, chances are that you can do it again. You have that in the back of your mind when the landscape changes of compliance officers and the job is evolving.

Helane Morrison is also managing director and general counsel at Hall Capital Partners. She has always believed in being flexible and ready to adapt to the times. The next statement I’m going to say might come across as extreme, but let’s face it, it is the way of world: adapt or die. Now, when I mean die, I don’t mean really die, I mean that if you don’t adapt to what is happening around you, career wise, your career is likely to fizzle out and go away without so much as a whimper or a bang. That is the way of the land.

Now, you can either sit there, do nothing, and become overwhelmed or you can do what Helane Morrison has done and that is adapt to the times, roll with the punches, and take on whatever is around the corner. You don’t fear change and you don’t run away from it. You simply do what is necessary. In today’s day and age, it is all about survival and standing tough through anything and everything that is coming at you. Helane Morrison is as tough as they come and with her experience at her back, she is confident in her abilities.

She is the kind of individual you want working at your company. You want someone that is confident in their abilities, not afraid, and is ready for the unknown. They know that nothing stays the same forever. That is just the reality of life. Look no further than technology. It is evolving, changing, growing, and becoming bigger and better than anyone could have ever imagined. It is the same with compliance officers. Whatever is around the corner and whatever is going to happen, Helane Morrison will be there to handle it and do her job the right way.