EOS is Thriving Because ChapStick Dropped the Ball

Lip stick is something that gets promoted on a regular basis. Lip chap and lip balm, however, do not get the center stage when it comes to products for the lips. Women sort out colorful shades of lip stick that they can buy, but most women are less inclined to spend time searching through colorless lip balm products. There was little promotion for lip balm because it was not a product that women look much time to think about. This, however, was before the Evolution of Smooth rose to the top with the flavorful organic lip balm that has totally changed the way that woman think.

The Evolution of Smooth is a company that has managed to change the way that people see a lot of different things. This company sells an array of skin care products. The lip balm is the surprise product that is actually overshadowing other products like the shaving cream and lotion from this same company. There is a reason for this, and the reason is that the marketing is excellent for this brand. ChapStick was a company that used to be a leader. Now this company has to compete with the Evolution of Smooth.

The tide is changing for companies like ChapStick, and the Evolution of Smooth is rising to the top. The young generation is tapping into what this company is doing. That is where ChapStick appears to fail. This company did not reach out to millennials in the way that the Evolution of Smooth did. That is the difference. That is the thing that makes people look at this company and consider what the Evolution of Smooth has to offer. Executives from ChapStick were lacking the insight to market to a new generation, and this is why EOS has been able to thrive. EOS lip balms products are sold on Walmart stores and online shops like Ulta and eBay.

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