George Soros, More Than a Business Magnate

George Soros is one richest people in the world, holding the 28th spot on the Bloomberg Billionaires list. As a Hungarian with Jewish heritage on NY Times he was forced to flee the Nazis in the 1940’s. From there he moved to America and began a life of investment and clever business moves.

Now worth over $20 Billion, George Soros has created his massive wealth through smart brokerage deals and banking investments. His early career involved working for various stock brokerage firms in New York City, where he made a name for himself with successful investments in selective stocks.

By the late 1970’s George Soros had began his own hedge fund which created millions of dollars in profits on through buying and selling shares of other companies on the stock market. His hedge fund was called the Soros Fund, and is still operating under it’s new name; the Quantum Fund Endowment.

George Soros is more than a wildly successful business man however, he’s deeply involved in charity and philanthropy. While he was younger, George was known to studied Karl Popper, a philosopher who influenced his philanthropic views for years to come. Karl Popper was known to espouse tenants of progressive, open societies where goodwill and charity are valued ways to empower the struggling classes.

Through philanthropic efforts, George Soros has managed to provide relief for people across the world who have struggled with natural disasters, poverty and under-funded governments. The majority of this philanthropic work is accomplished through Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

The Open Society Foundation operates with nearly a billion dollar budget every year, through Soros’ personal donations and campaigning. The foundation is focused on providing relief for impoverished people in over 37 countries. It is dedicated to ensuring accountability in governance and demanding justice through legal action where government is seen to fail it’s people through court, law enforcement and policy based injustices.

There are three other areas that George Soros has focused on through his philanthropic works. These are education and healthcare. The Open Society Foundation has built schools in Western and Southern Africa, paid for educational resources in third world countries, as well as contributed to educational systems otherwise lacking funding in the United States. Soros even donated millions of dollars to the Russian University network which was on the brink of financial collapse before he stepped in. Through health care initiatives Soros has helped many suffering from HIV, Aids, and Tuberculous.

Soros is also known for his contributions to the media. He has personally donated over $2 million to the National Public Radio service (NPR,) which provides free informational and reliable news to millions of people.

George Soros is still active in his philanthropic foundations, and has authored a dozen books. Many of his books focus on public policy, war, and the economy. He is an admired figure in both business and charity. He’s improved life many people through charitable donations in education and healthcare, while building a business legacy that will surely continue to grow for many decades to come.