Recent Growth and Production of OSI Food Solutions

A company that was founded in 1909, by German immigrant, Otto Kolschowski. The company started as a small meat market, and has been a top food distributor since 1955 when they began supplying meat for McDonald’s franchise, and the business took off on an upward climb. OSI Food Solutions, operates in 17 countries, currently operating more than 65 facilities and maintains over 20,000 employees, with plans of adding a greater number of jobs. The company’s global headquarters is located in Aurora, Illinois.

OSI Food Solutions supplies an array of food products for service, as well as retail companies all over the world. This enterprise supplies poultry, beef products, fish, bacon, pizza, hot dogs, breads, cookies, soups, fried foods, and also many vegetable products all over the world. OSI Group has the infrastructure and financial resource to source, develop, produce, and distribute custom orders and solutions to anywhere in the world, all while following a set of structured core values.

OSI recently purchased a TYSON FOODS plant, Flagship Europe, and BAHO Foods, which allowed for growth and development to continue and make a positive impact in production and employment. These expansions saved jobs as well as created jobs all while allowing OSI Food Solutions to broaden the manufacturing network. It allowed for a positive impact by allowing for higher producing production lines, which at one plant alone processed 24,000 tons of chicken per year, which was double the previous amount able to be produced.

This company is among the leaders of business, being listed as America’s 58th largest private company, by Forbes. OSI Food solutions has a wonderful reputation with over 100 years of experience in making and delivering the highest quality of services and products worldwide. This company has made many moves, taken risks, and expanded the business to new levels. Not only has OSI Food Solutions expanded into other countries, it has also won multiple awards including the British Safety Council’s 2016 Globe of Honor.

Customers are very pleased with the quality products that OSI Food Solutions offer, which in turn has created a win-win situation for everyone. The managing directors have reported great increase in demand for production and custom orders. Looking back through the company’s history, they have made a very positive impact in the world.

Chainsmokers Are Easily Relatable With Their Songs and Hits.

The Chainsmokers know how difficult it can be to stay on top when there is so many artists out there that can knock you down however they have remained at the top. Staying on top of the charts is a difficult task when there is so many talented artists vying for the top position. Staying there for 2 years is an even bigger task however the duo have been able to do it.

In the last couple of years, the duo have been faced with releasing new music almost monthly however this last single has taken the duo 8 months to release. Why has it taken them so long? While in NYC for a special event being sponsored by American Express and Hilton Hotels, the duo talks about why it took them this long.

Even though the duo hadn’t released anything lately, they still remained high enough on the charts to be considered one of the most popular bands around. In the beginning, the pair hat every month. When it came to “Sick Boy”, the latest of their newest singles to be released in 2018, they went to an area that they had never ventured into before. The duo ended up sliding into a deeper, darker side of music.

d started releasing singles typically almos

The pair spoke about how their fans and followers have helped them to write their songs and to choose the songs they do perform. For the pair, they feel like performing a song that someone can relate to is more important that performing a song that no one will take home and remember the next day.

There is plenty more for the pair of men to see and do and as they go on about and doing their thing, they tend to keep their fans and followers close by. They will choose to continue writing about the things that they know and the things they experienced in order to allow those listening to be able to relate to the songs they have come up with. This is what has helped the Chainsmokers turn into a top selling, top performing artist in the world.


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Clayton Hutson: Expert Sound Engineer

Clayton Hutson is a sound engineer. He knows how to engineer music to sound the best and to make sure people can hear it the way it’s meant to be heard. Clayton Hutson spends a lot of time working with musicians to come up with the right way to manage their sound. He knows there are different ways sound works and that’s how he makes sure his business is working the right way. He’s always planned to help people understand engineering sound and that’s another part of the job he does.


Things can sound different depending on where they are and the vibrations they make. Clayton Hutson knows this and knows how to make sound hit just the right areas so it sounds the best it can. He spent time working on new techniques to help people understand how sound works. There are things he can do that allow him to make the best out of the sound each musician makes. For Clayton Hutson, the best part of the job is always giving people a chance to hear the sound he’s engineered. The ideas he has are to always make the music sound better than what it could sound.


Since Clayton Hutson spent time working with big bands, he knew how to help them get where they want to be. He always tries to give the people who are in different bands the help they need. Recently, he worked with OneRepublic. On their tour, he helped them decide which sound engineering solution would work best for the music they already had. He also tried to show them how they could make their songs in the future so they wouldn’t need to worry about all the problems that came from sound engineering. It was his duty to give people the help they needed.


Sound is an art form. While musicians also make art, engineering sound is also a way people can take advantage of the art form. Since Clayton Hutson knew he could make sure sound was working, he felt sound engineering was his best option. It was his way of making sure people heard things the right way and didn’t have to worry about the issues that came along with hearing a song that had distorted sound. Live sound engineering is a talent Clayton Hutson has. It took him a long time to perfect the live sound engineering because of the way every sound stage is different. Learn more:

The Revolution

In a world of technology and innovation, it’s only right that every field of work benefits from this type of ingenuity. The banking world is no exception to the rule as regional banks have become bigtime rivals of their much larger counterparts. NexBank Capital displays this innovation to the fullest thanks to bank’s wonderful qualities. Just like the national banks, which offers a wide variety of services, NexBank is now able to offer many of the exact services. This includes mobile banking, online banking, certificate of deposits, savings account, mortgage lending, checking account, agency services, treasury management, credit services, public funds, real estate advisory and many others.

NexBank Capital is a Dallas-based institution and as of 2017, this institution was reported to having an estimated $8.4 billion in assets. President John Holt has done a phenomenal job of taking the bank to a whole new level. NexBank Capital is the cream-of-the-crop for regional banks, and it ranks high on most people’s list who reside in its statistical area. Besides individual banking, institutional clients can also receive services that are of high-quality. This includes services for real estate investors, for large corporations and for middle-market companies. The options are nearly endless here. Some of the very best customized banking can be found here as well as a host of other fine services. In addition to this, NexBank Capital has done many amazing things for society in general. In 2016, this financial institution partnered with Dallas Neighborhood Homes to provide more than 100 loans for residents in specific low-income neighborhoods of Dallas. NexBank also provided up to $50 million in loan support for these low-income homebuyers.

This institution has also merged with College Savings Bank to provide reduced-cost programs for students who are seeking to enter college. There are 529 programs in all, and these programs will allow the parents of these students to save more money. All in all, NexBank Capital is setting new trends in banking, and it has laid the perfect model for other banks to replicate.

The Many Advantages of Heal N Soothe Joint Supplement

Have you ever heard of the extraordinary product Heal N Soothe? Heal N Soothe is currently being used all across the globe and by millions of people. Its formula consists of 12 of the top herbal ingredients that are on the market today. This includes Boswellia Extract, Rutin, Bromelain, Papain, Turmeric Extract, Mojave Yucca Root, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Devil’s Claw and Ginger Extract. The synergistic effect that comes from this formula is unquestionable to some degree, and these ingredients have been used for centuries.

The dangers of over-the-counter drugs is evident. Many of these drugs are full of chemical-fillers. These fillers may do a good job of relieving the pain, but they’ll cause more harm in the long-run. With most over-the-counter drugs, they’ll definitely give your liver a workout. The liver is used to clean the blood, but if your liver is damaged from the consistent abuse of drugs, it will begin to release toxins in the body. Some of the other negatives of these drugs are swelling, ulcers, improper kidney functions, headaches, vomiting and high-blood pressure. In other words, over-the-counter drugs are an accident that is waiting to happen. Users of Heal N Soothe don’t necessarily have to worry about these negatives because the herbal-formula is produced from healthy ingredients that grow via mother earth. “What can be treated with specific supplement?” Well, the answer to this question is very simple. Heal N Soothe can be used for a number of issues such as fractures, bruises, strains, sprains, joint pain, muscle soreness and contusions. The options are endless.

Another great benefit of this supplement is that it does a wonderful job getting to the root of the problem. All in all, Heal N Soothe is the product of the present, and it will definitely be used in the future.

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Therapy from Home with Talkspace

If your doctor has recommended that you see a therapist, you know how inconvenient it can be for you to try to go and see one locally. This is why a lot of people have been choosing to make use of an app known as Talkspace. The reason Talkspace is as popular as it is and why it has grown in popularity in the past several months by 80 percent is because people want to be able to make use of a good-quality therapy option that they can make use of from the comfort of their own home.

There are a few reasons for you to consider Talkspace when compared to other options available to you. For one, you’re able to make use of an option that is far cheaper than going to see a local therapist. Many therapists simply charge too much for their services and if you do not have health insurance, this can be a recipe for disaster in the worst way possible. There are a lot of people who are making use of Talkspace and are finding it to be a great option for their own therapy needs.

Now that you know about Talkspace and how it can help you, it is a good idea for you to download the program to your device and create an account for yourself. Once created, you will be matched to a therapist who is there to help in any way that they can. This is why it is so important that you make use of Talkspace and know that it is something that is unlike anything that you might be using at the moment. Be sure to get into Talkspace and see that it is totally different from anything else that you might have used in the past for your therapy.

A Powerful Weapon For Its Time

Trabuco is a weapon that has been around for over a thousand years. It is a massive siege weapon capable of knocking down buildings by flinging heavy stones far distances. The way it works is very similar to the hammer throw during track activities. The stone or heavy object is held with a leather strap or net, which is attached to a long wooden pole or column. This mechanism is usually attached to a base that is firmly planted on the ground so that the rest of the unit is able to stand upright.

In times of siege warfare, Trabuco weapons are very useful, especially since the kid out of range any form of bow or crossbow, and seriously crippled the defenses and fortifications of an enemy Force. The main issue with a trebuchet, also known as a trebuco, is that the weapon takes a very long time to reload and fire again. This was not a big deal in ancient times, or even during the Middle Ages, as Defenders of fortifications seldom left their defenses according to Once gunpowder was introduced to war, this all changed, however, as the trebuchet was quickly replaced and became obsolete.


The tension trebuchet was the first one that was developed by the Chinese and was more man-powered than it was mechanical. Not as large as it’s descendant that was used during the Middle Ages and the Crusades, it was still powerful enough to attack large units of infantry and weaker defenses made out of wood and loose stone. This weapon was fired through the operation of a few crew members who used manpower as a counterweight. The counterbalance trebuchet was a massive war machine capable of toppling entire buildings and fortifications according to Unlike the tension trebuchet, counterbalance trebuchet still operated with a crew but was much larger, requiring a weight to be tied to the other end of the pole. After a sizable crew of operators hand loaded a net with stone, the chief operator pulled a lever to fire.

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Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group, LLC

Sheldon Lavin is OSI’s current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He works at the top of one of the world’s largest supplier of food products along with Donald G. McDonald, Chief Operating Officer and Bill Weimer, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President. This group of men along with the board of directors guides OSI as it builds its operating capacity. Currently, OSI has 65 facilities, 20,000 employees operating in 17 countries.

OSI’s global food network consists of vendors that are required to deliver healthy animals for slaughter. These vendors undergo strenuous evaluations to determine if they are following established standards. OSI follows strict quality control standards to ensure the food is clean and free of contamination and disease.

In 1970, Sheldon Lavin joined Otto and Sons, the precursor of OSI. Since starting to work for OSI, he has risen to the top ranks of the company. He started his professional career owning a consulting firm, Sheldon Lavin and Associates, Inc., which he operated successfully for fifteen years. As he has led OSI, he has taken the company to its current multi-billion dollar level of production.

He started when OSI was still named Otto and Sons. As he worked with OSI, the company has expanded to include several divisions: OSI Group LLC which includes OSI Industries LLC; OSI International Foods LLC; OSI International, Inc.; and Vista Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd. Sheldon Lavin is still heading OSI’s innovation and expansion in Asia and Europe.

Sheldon Lavin was born in 1932. Lavin majored in accounting and finance at the University of Illinois and Northwestern University. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois in business. His entire professional life has been spent in Chicago, Illinois.

OSI headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois and it has facilities located strategically all over the world with the bulk of their facilities located in the U.S., Canada, Europe, India and Asia. OSI produces food products in the form of dough products, vegetables, fish, meat and poultry. The products are sold to food service distributors, industrial, restaurants, private-label and retail food establishments.

Sheldon Lavin uses his status as the CEO of OSI to benefit the charities near and dear to his heart, Ronald McDonald House Charities and The Sheba Foundation, which focuses on lifting up socially disadvantaged women and children. These are just a couple of the various charities he supports with financial gifts and volunteering his well honed stewardship.

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Seattle Area CEO Clay Siegall Shares His Passion For Medicine, Leadership, And Sports

Clay Siegall is a Seattle area entrepreneur who co-founded a biotech business, Seattle Genetics. While he is very busy as the president, CEO, and chairman of this firm he enjoys following news in the worlds of science and sports. To this end he has a blog on which he posted a recent story about how QB Kirk Cousins playing for the Cleveland Browns makes no sense. He’s going to want to play for a team that has a shot at winning, which the Browns certainly don’t. From the Brown’s side, they have a young quarterback that is good enough to be their starter next year as he continues to develop.

Another ESPN article he posted is about the New England Patriots’ defensive needs, which are extensive. They need new players to mount an effective pass rush, for instance. They are expected to be active during the free agency signing period as well as in the draft because they need to fill numerous holes. They’re expected to sign a linebacker, such as Jerod Mayo, as well as much better cornerbacks.

Clay Siegall is an expert cancer researcher and developer. He has also developed a reputation as an excellent leader who inspires his team at Seattle Genetics when it comes to developing targeted drugs that will treat cancer. After earning his Ph.D. in genetics he performed a postdoctoral fellowship at the NIH’s National Cancer Institute. He says working there was like a mixture of a university and corporate setting. His goal while working there was to learn more about cancer and how to treat it and publish research papers.

While being the top leader at Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall has commented that he was surprised to learn how much he enjoyed building a company from the ground up. He’s been passionate about curing cancer for three decades and has also now developed a similar passion for leading the team at his company. He says that he finds it gratifying to hire a lot of smart people and provide them with the experience and knowledge they need to successfully build their careers.

Mark Mofid: Professional Plastic Surgery

Mark Mofid is a dedicated plastic surgeon that has devoted himself to making the world a more beautiful place. A board certified surgeon in San Francisco, Dr. Mofid has been working in plastic surgery for many years. His abilities have stood the test of time, and he devotes himself to crafting the most beautiful and functional enhancements for hundreds of different patients across his career.

Mark Mofid is not just a surgeon, but a craftsman who puts his heart and soul into his work to ensure that everything has the touch of artistry and professionalism that his clients have some to expect and love. Dr. Mark Mofid opened his practice with the goal in mind to provide natural looking and long-lasting enhancements at an affordable price. He offers many services on various body parts. This includes face, breasts, buttocks, body, and skin. He uses the most advanced methodologies and practices for all of his work to ensure his clients are getting the best value from a skilled hand.

A passionate and upbeat professional, Mark Mofid has a mission to help restore the confidence and beauty of his clients using cosmetic surgery methods. Not just another plastic surgeon, Dr. Mofid makes sure to be personable and warm with every client, and is committed to providing the utmost professionalism and artistry in his practice. For him and his staff this is a life long passion, and the doctor’s love of his work shines through on every procedure, making him the go-to guy in the area and to know more

Rejuvenation, youthfulness, and confidence, these are the things that Mark Mofid wants to help restore for his clients who struggle with these issues. His procedures literally can cover head to toe, as he is experienced in facial surgeries and augmentations, as well as buttock and skin. There are few things that Dr. Mofid cannot do when it comes to cosmetic surgery. He also makes sure to use the most advanced methods, technologies, and materials so each client can rest easy knowing that they are in capable hands getting the best work that modern medicine and technology can provide.