What You Should Know about Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten

Building and raising capital is at the heart of every business. A country’s economic growth is highly dependent on its financial stability. The investment banking is an industry that seeks to create a driving force for necessary capital for institutions and companies. Investment banking takes on liabilities and policies from insurance companies. Investment companies are thus always protected in their investment. However, investment banking is not designed for individuals. It is designed for business and individuals that have high capital. The investment banking industry doesn’t work like a normal bank account. It has several complexities that are best handled by an expert in the field.

One of the factors that determine the success of an investment bank is a proper understanding of financial markets. Knowledge of mergers and acquisitions, brokers, securities, traders is very important for any investment banking venture. This section of the banking industry is handled by a professional known as an investment banker. The banker handles all types of investments made by the firm. He is the person that determines the success or failure of an investment company. A credible and talented investment banker makes the difference between success and failure of an investment company.

Martin Lustgarten is one example of a highly successful professional in the investment banking field. He is highly creative with investments and knows how to reduce business risks. He has gained the trust of clients as they fully rely on him. He guides most of his clients on creating a successful investment career. He doesn’t allow any of his customers to make blind decisions about future investments. People that deal with Martin are sure that it is spent well. Mr. Lustgarten ensures proper investments that last till the future.

Apart from his interests in investment banking, Lustgarten is a philanthropist that has worked with several organizations and charities. He has built a solid experience in the investment banking industry. That is why several media channel outlets seek advice from him regarding the financial situation of America. If you are interested in the investment banking industry, then Martin Lustgarten is one individual to work with.

Meet Avi Weisfogel: An Accomplished Dentist Taking the Sleep Apnea Field by Storm

Avi Weisfogel has cemented his status as one of the leading medical practitioners in the field of Sleep Apnea and Dental care. His extensive research and in-depth knowledge have played an integral role in the identification of several remedies for various disorders experienced by patients.

Avi Weisfogel Sleep Apnea

Dr. Weisfogel has dedicated a considerable amount of time and resources obtaining long-lasting treatment to sleep disorders. New research has revealed a worrying correlation between sleep apnea and lifestyle diseases such as stroke, hypertension and diabetes. Such a study has necessitated the need for Weisfogel and his highly-skilled medical team to embark on a medical expedition to diagnose such conditions. According to recent health statistics, approximately 90% of individuals suffer from sleep apnea and are yet to receive a diagnosis. To address the predicament, Weisfogel and his team have developed a therapy model for use by both primary and secondary health physicians.

The model serves as an avenue that facilitates consultative discussions among physicians. Such an interaction is essential for the provision of high-quality treatment for patients as well as advancing medical research. The medical team has also enlisted the expertise of dentists to offer insight into possible remedies for sleep apnea. Their collaboration comes in handy since a majority of their future services might involve the treatment of sleep apnea.

Weisfogel GoFundMe

Avi has partnered with Operation Smile to launch the GoFundMe campaign to promote dental care and oral hygiene in children. The drive aims at raising funds for the provision of cost-free surgical remedy to youngsters. Additionally, the revenue is also set to cover the medical expenses of patients suffering from deformities such as cleft lip and palate. The Campaign acts a beacon of hope to young patients irrespective of the health challenges experienced in their lives. Avi has also hailed his passions and background as major determinants of his decision to collaborate with Operation Smile.

Weisfogel Ideamensch

The prominent doctor recently provided an in-depth insight into his career in an ideamensch interview. According to him, noting down important ideas is a crucial step in bringing them to life. Penned ideas can be analyzed and visualized into the right context before implementation is carried out.


An Evolution of Style

Every so often you feel the urge to change or upgrade your style, an evolution of sorts. You go through your existing wardrobe and throw out almost everything, except your shoes. You keep your existing shoes and just buy more. You play around with your hair until you find the right style. Then it’s time for a cosmetics change.

So many different cosmetics in the world actually do more damage to your skin than good. Sure it looks good for a while, but some do have long lasting effects. Looking for organically designed cosmetics is safe and natural for your skin. This includes what goes on your lips.

The world is full of many different lip balms, whether choosing shades of lipsticks or balms to keep your skin looking young and feeling moist. One of those that has been designed with organic safety in mind is the line of Evolution of Smooth (EOS) Lip Balm.

EOS Lip Balms have several different balms of flavors and colors to fully enhance your user experience. Here is where you get to evolve the cosmetic part of your new style. The line of EOS balms are also affordable allowing you to buy the round spheres or in stick form. You can buy them in multi packs, or based on what you need EOS to do for your lips.

EOS also provides shaving creams and hand lotions all as part of their Evolution of Smooth mission. The EOS Lip Balms are 95% organic and 100% natural. The balms are also made with jojoba oils and shea butter as part of the organic all natural ingredients.

As you make the evolutionary change to your style, make sure that your lips get the attention they deserve. Add some color and flavor with safe organic EOS Lip Balm.
To learn more about EOS lip balm, visit evolutionofsmooth.com and EOS Facebook page.

Read the untold story of EOS here: https://www.fastcompany.com/3063333/startup-report/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick


Getting Securus for the Holidays

Being someone in a prison family can be incredibly difficult when all you want to be able to do is keep in touch with your loved ones more regularly. It is often very expensive for you to make regular trips to the prison to see your loved one and this is why so many individuals are trying to find better and alternative ways to see their loved ones face-to-face without actually making the trip to the prison itself, and this is especially true during the holiday season when you would otherwise be too busy to make the trip to the prison but still want to be able to see your loved one.


It is incredibly important for you to look into a program known as Securus because this is something that can allow you to finally feel confident and what is able to benefit you and your loved ones. Securus is great because of the fact that it finally allows you to close the gap on communication that you once had and allows you to video visit with your loved one from the comfort of your own home. This is also going to save you a lot of headache and money when it comes to actually making the trip to the prison itself to see your loved one face to face.


What you will also want to know about Securus is that it is a very easy system to get the hang of using no matter how technologically advanced you happen to be. The Christmas season can be very dull and dreary for prison families who have loved ones behind bars and this is why my own experience using Securus has been nothing but positive. This is why I began to use it in the first place and it was because of the fact that the Christmas season was fast upon us and I had no other way to keep in touch with my loved one in prison than by actually going to visit them.


The system is very easy to use and can finally help you to have a season during the holidays that you truly enjoy and feel like the entire family is involved in no matter where they happen to be located around the country or even in prisons around the world so that you all can have a season that is bright and merry each and every day.


Sources :

Securus Technologies


Bruce Levenson’s AHBE Files Suit Against New Hampshire Insurance Company For Breach Of Contract.

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, (AHBE) which is a former owner of the NBA franchise has filed a court case against New Hampshire Insurance Company for breaching a contract that involved the settlement of claims by former general manager Danny Ferry. The AHBE group which formerly held ownership of Hawks is inclusive of controlling partner Bruce Levenson. However, the lawsuit is not inclusive of the current Hawks ownership group which is led by Principal Tony Ressler.

The Law Suit was filed it the Superior Court of Fulton County on the 13th of September. It involves a civil action for the breach of contract and insurance ill faith. AHBE claimed that it had an insurance policy for the coverage of certain losses associated with employment practices. This cover was inclusive of but not limited to certain acts of Workplace Torts and Wrongful Termination. According to documents from the court, the amount of the claim is confidential and that the sensitive limits of the policy are enough to settle the allegation by AHBE.

Bruce Levenson was the owner of the AHBE group that owned the Hawks. The remarkable entrepreneur and investor is also a partner and co-founder at United Communications Group (UGC). UGC was founded in 1977 with the partnership of Ed Peskowitz. He has also written for the Washington Star as well as Observer Publishing. Bruce has also served as director Tech Target Inc. since 2015. His latest deal saw him sell the NBA team making a big profit, adding to his reputation as a successful businessman. According to ESPN, the Hawks team was sold at the cost of $850 million to an entrepreneur known as Antony Ressler.

Bruce Levenson is also known for his philanthropic endeavors (http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/undergrads-and-graduate-students-mastering-philanthropy-300038081.html) as the President at ‘I have a Dream Foundation.’ He has a remarkable education background having attained a J.D from the American University and a Bachelors of Arts degree from Washington University.

Source: Bruce Levenson website

Don Ressler Is Driven And Focused

Many people live their entire lives without realizing what their primary purposes is. The ability to concentrate on a particular goal provides direction and guidance. It can be difficult to determine what the right path is to when making life decisions. It is rare that a very young person displays this quality. However, Don Ressler understood his place in the world very early in life. Don Ressler became a teenage CEO and began a business career that has spanned decades with international connections.

Don Ressler launched his first start up business as a teenager. It was known as FitnessHeaven.com. He sold the company to Intermix Media at the age of 19 and became a highly-ranked executive within the company. Intermix had a young COO named Adam Goldenberg. Goldenberg and Ressler quickly became friends. After a few years at the organization the two young businessmen realized that the large media conglomerate was not going to invest in there ideas. Both men had experienced great success with online marketing and wanted to create a new business concept in a different industry.

Read more: Former Intermix COO Raises $33M For Fashion Brand JustFabulous

Ressler and Goldenberg eventually left Intermix to form their own business enterprise. They held brainstorming sessions with other business executives in order to study trends and formulate an effective business model. JustFab became the first business venture that Don Ressler and Goldenberg would launch together. JustFab introduced a new concept to the online retail business. It is a fashion line that allows customers to browse a website for items at discounted prices. All merchandise is available to freelance shoppers. However, a membership is required to purchase merchandise at the discounted prices. The monthly membership is designed to develop brand loyalty and encourage consumers to remain familiar with the latest options in the fashion line. The website also customizes a fashion profile that makes purchase suggestions based on a buyers selection trends.

Fabletics is a spin-off JustFab. It specializes in athletic wear for women. Goldenberg and Don Ressler teamed with actress and model Kate Hudson to develop the concept. Kate Hudson is the face of the brand. The company grew to be worth 250 million dollars within its first three years of operation. It ships merchandise internationally to areas such as Canada and Europe. There are also several retail store locations being opened around the country. The retail stores are intended to give Fabletics and JustFab members the opportunity to participate in an in-store shopping experience.

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Check Pando.com for more information about Don Ressler

Diversity Gives Handy a Competitive Advantage

The competitive advantage that Handy has built over other companies hinges on the diversity of the services that are offered. There are cleaning companies throughout the United States that offer professionals that come in to mop floors, wash clothes, make up beds and dust. This is what Handy offers as well. The difference, however, is that this is not where Handy stops when it comes to the services that are offered. This is the business that serves as something of a one-stop shop to all that are in need of other things like faucet or drain repairs. Furniture assembly and door hardware installation are also services that are being offered by Handy.com.

There is a level of diversity that has been put in place to make this company thrive. Booking services with this organization has become quick and easy. It has become a real treat to get other people to clean the home while people utilize their time to do other things. This is not the only thing that the co-founders Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua wanted to do. They also wanted to make sure that customers would have access to other things like repairmen that could do true handy work.

This is a company that may have started on a smaller scale with smaller ambitions, but this company has risen to a higher level of service because more money has come from venture capitalists. Getting to a profitable state may have been a struggle for Handy, but venture capitalists believed in the original idea. Many of these same investors also believed in the expansion of the franchise as well. That is what keeps the company profitable. A lot of people may have doubted that this organization could excel to this level, but this diversity keeps the company moving forward.


A Voice of Compassion and Icon of Activism

Human rights advocate and film producer, Thor Halvorssen, whose work has been acknowledged in the Economist, the New York Times, and the Huffington Post (to name a few) is one of the most energetic, ideological individuals in the human rights movement.

Born into Venezuela’s elite, Halvorssen learned the virtue of activism early on. His father was a political prisoner and Venezuelan authorities shot his protesting mother. In his passion for the cause, Halvorssen would follow closely in his parent’s footsteps as he was imprisoned in 1993 for alerting U.S. Authorities of money laundering in Venezuelan banks.

When Halvorssen graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, he established the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, battling the culture of stringent political correctness on college campuses. Although deemed an international celebrity, Halvorssen is actually a private figure, and considered a bit of a hippie, as demonstrated in his annual attendance at the burning Man festival in the Navada desert. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Linked In

Thor Halvorssen speaks four languages fluently and since the mid-2000s, his work has centered around the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that promotes and protects human rights globally, with a focus on closed societies. The bulk of his activities, energy, and money, seem to go to the Oslo Freedom Forum in Oslo, Norway. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen: https://www.buzzfeed.com/rosiegray/is-this-the-face-of-a-new-global-human-rights-movement?utm_term=.hu1rbrvoK#.sgLP3Pq98

Four hundred fifty attendees, representing fifty-seven countries listened to speeches and panels at the three-day Forum. The Grand Hotel and the Christiania Theater were filled with activists from Syria, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, and Belarus exchanging ideas and networking to right wrongs and make the world a more humane place. Taking a back-stage approach at the conference Halvorssen is so deeply invested in is just one example of how he doesn’t let his ego get in the way of his good works. He does what it takes to effect change in the world and his agenda is clear: combat oppressive regimes worldwide.

According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen is a determined, hard-working activist who gives a voice to the oppressed and has dedicated his life’s work to shining a light on injustices and speaking on behalf of global human rights.

How Handy Helps

Handy has worked hard to help many people. They use their services to help connect people who are hoping to clean houses with people who need to have their house cleaned. This was the basic idea for Handy and something that has allowed it to grow to many other things since it first began. It has been able to work for people who previously had no options and for people who were hoping to make sure that they were doing things the right way with the way that they were doing their house cleaning business for other people.

Despite the fact that Handy (https://www.handy.com/) has been on the market for a few years, some people are still resorting to advertising their cleaning services on community boards and in local newspapers in their own community. This is the traditional way for them to get business but it is something that has not really been proven to be successful and something that some people have struggled with when they are trying to find the clients that they need for their cleaning services. It has made a difference in the way that things work for their business and for the way that they can find all of their clients.

Now that people have the use of Handy, they can find many different things that they need. No matter what type of cleaning services someone needs, they will be able to find it on Handy. They can look around to see different cleaners and the things that they offer. They are able to compare cleaners side by side and this gives them the chance to find the cleaner who is perfect for their house needs. Handy not only makes it easy for the people who want to clean homes but also for the people who need to have their home cleaned.

Handy has now hit over one million bookings per week. This is a huge milestone for most companies and is even bigger for a company that is not very old. The people who run Handy have been pleasantly surprised with what the company has done in the time that they have been in business. It has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing things right for their company. It has also given them the chance to make things better for the different options that they have to offer all of their clients.


The NexBank Continued Success with its growth

NexBank has its headquarters located in Dallas. The bank holds the 16th position in the list of the largest banks in Texas City and position 266 nationwide. NexBank since its establishment in 1934 has grown to employ over 89 people who are distributed in its three locations. The bank was rated the best grade A in health.

The NexBank SSB Company is a branch of the NexBank Capital Inc. It offers various services on finance to customers all-around the country through Mortgages Banking, Investment Banking, and Commercial Banking.

NexBank provides services on banking and finances majorly to the first financial institutions, corporations institutional clients and private individuals around the nation. The company missions to provide unique values to all opportunities through commitment and its expertise leadership. NexBank offers unbeatable access to smart solutions through it’s proven and experienced professionals.

In December 2015, the bank acquired the Princeton College Savings in New Jersey. The Bank of New Jersey mainly deals in college-savings programs. According to the CEO of NexBank Capital Inc., Mr. John Holt, The College Saving Bank will strive to retain its branding and name and at the same time maintaining the current operations by the fact that it’s a branch of NexBank

The College Saving Bank, established in 1987 will be focusing more on College savings. The Bank will be acting as the program manager for the saving plan of Arizona Family College and the saving plan of the Indiana College Choice.

NexBank has recently reported tremendous success in its financial services. On 14th March 2016, the bank hit the record levels of assets, loans earnings and deposits. Its net income has been growing every year to $53.2 million, and its Avera Equity Returns raised to 35 percent for the year 2015.The excellent result is a reflection of the bank’s efficiency and effective platforms. In 2016 the bank’s focus has been on its institutional clients and its development in the U.S. NexBank is consistently capturing opportunities that strengthen and expands its product offering.