Lawsuit brought against the former Hawks insurers

Basketball has a large following in the country and some of the best teams include Atlanta Hawks. In the past few years however, there have been a lot going on about the corporate side of the team management that it has threatened to outdo their performance in the field. The team had been acquired by the Forbes multi-billionaire, Bruce Levenson in 2011, but he decided to resell it in 2015 after his investment team advised him that it was the right time for a sale. The company is now at the center of a lawsuit over issues that seem to have happened at some point during the changeover.

A lawsuit has been filed against their former insurer. The plaintiff claims that the company had not explained explicitly in their policy document about the cover that they would give in case of employment malpractices. The malpractices they are suing against include wrongful termination of employment, discrimination at the work place and others. The complainant claims that the issues were not amply covered and wants the company to address the issue again.

The new team that is heading the management of the Hawks team said that they know a lawsuit is taking place, but they did not want to take part in any of the proceedings. They refused to give any comment about the nature of the proceedings. The former manager of the team, Bruce Levenson has been attached to the suit.

Bruce Levenson

Many people in the business and investment circles know Bruce because he is a very sharp investor. The sale of the hawks company brought him close to a billion dollars and this is his model of investment. He still maintains the first company that he co-founded with a friend, the UCG and it is now worth billions. He is a true inspiration in business circles.


Freedom Fighter, Thor Halvorssen

Originally from Venezuela, Thor Halvorssen was born in March, 1976, and received part of his education in America, at the University of Pennsylvania. With both an undergraduate and graduate degree in History and Political Science, he was also Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude. As president of Human Rights Foundation, Thor is highly active in worldwide freedom and human rights.

With a troubled, violent yet wealthy past, Thor was related to:

  • Øystein Halvorssen, the Norwegian king’s consul (grandfather);
  • Thor Halvorssen Hellum, a Venezuelan ambassador (father); and
  • Hilda Mendoza Denham, a child phycologist, was shot and wounded while attending a peaceful protest (mother).

Mr. Hellum was wrongfully imprisoned, tortured and beaten before his eventual release in 1993 and Thor played a significant role in his father’s full redemption. That was the beginning of Thor’s evolvement to become a formidable human rights activist.

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF), a non-profit organization was founded by Thor in 2005. Currently residing in the well-known Empire State Building in New York, HRF touts the admirable mission statement of ensuring “that freedom is both preserved and promoted.”

HRF is involved in several programs including:

  • Another organization founded by Thor, Oslo Freedom Forum. In May, 2017 this annual conference event will convene for the ninth time in Oslo, Norway to not only share stories but to work towards methods to further expand freedom.
  • Disrupt North Korea operates under the belief that through education and the sharing of information, North Korean people living under the strong thumb of the Kim family dynasty, will rise and protest. One of the methods used the spread the word is Flash Drives for Freedom, where flash drives are filled with painfully honest information about North Korean life and spread across the United States to encourage the nation to help fight against Kim’s dictatorship. They will accept both financial donations and donations of flash drives.
  • Center for Law and Democracy, which uses HRF’s legal resources to increase the protection of our freedom of expression.

Thor is also an author, film producer and orator.


Different Ways One Can Prepare For Retirement

Since retirement is one of the major life goals for people, it is important for people to have a plan that is going to help make it comfortable. For one thing, retirement depends on what the person does at his current point of his career. Therefore, it is important to look at the different options and methods that are available for people to explore when it comes to his retirement according to David Giertz. These days, it is not safe to rely totally on social security. This basket is not holding a lot of promise for people that are currently in the workforce.

Among the things that one can do are look for assets to invest in. One can also look at ways of bringing forth passive income on Facebook. One thing that they can is set up an account that will gain a healthy amount of interest over time. Other things that could be done is to open up various accounts to build up income. Therefore, by the time retirement comes according to Giertz, they will have very significant amounts of money to retire with. At the same time, if any one of these accounts fail them, they will still have other accounts that are likely to come through. This is an award for being wise enough to distribute money to different assets on Twitter.

One important thing that David Giertz has pointed out is that knowledge about pension and social security is lacking for many people. For one thing, studies have been done which has shown that as much as 86% of people do not know enough about the factors that could influence the amount of money they could get from social security. David Giertz urges people to talk to others about social security and educate them on all of the factors that have a major influence on their retirement.


Chris Burch: A Visionary with a Purpose

Chris Burch is an extra-ordinary visionary. He blends creativity, and investment focus, in recognizing future trends. Chris embraces all of the right trending options. The following text is, provided, to demonstrate how Chris’s unique focus brings him, much, in the way of solid prosperity.


Fashion and technology make friendly and useful partners. It is proven that the continual progression, of the two sectors—have a tendency to cling to each other—rather admirably. The best technological devices, when married with fashion, as well as the other way around—presents a very deliverable product. The coupling of the two: is really quite intriguing. In order to better understand the features of infusing the two together, it is best to review their histories. When so doing, a look, into the future is possible. (Thoughts of Christopher Burch: however, not verbatim.)


First came the Boom Box in the 70s. This musical device, was used, in order that the person, interested in music, could listen to tunes, while on the move. Two cassette decks made it possible to listen to favorite songs. There was a cassette deck on one side of the Boom Box, where a standard cassette, with popular tunes was housed. The second cassette deck, made it possible, for the user, to record tunes. During the 80s, the Boom Box was still popular. The addition of movie story lines was added. The 90s “saw” the “scale down” of carrying about a musical device, by way of The Walkman. Finally, the decade of the 2000s, witnessed the introduction of the iPod. As evidenced, technology is continually keeping up with what is fashionable or popular, for the particular time-period.


Currently, technology and fashion is blended together, like never before. The designer is delighting in creating products, greatly sought after, by the general marketplace. By combining technology and fashion, designers are becoming quite motivated, by the overall effect. When the two are combined together, products become much more sophisticated.


Anouk Wipprecht is a Dutch Designer. She enjoys experimenting with a combination of fashion and technology. When doing so, Ms. Wipprecht, says that she finds a great deal of professional satisfaction—as to the end result. Two of Ms. Wipprecht’s highly-acclaimed works include: a drink making dress, referred to as the ‘DareDroid’, and a self-painting dress known as ‘Pseudomorphs’.


Forms of protection, can result, when technology and fashion are creatively combined. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin devised an airbag, inside of neckwear. The airbag comes out of the neckwear, when the biker is about to fall forward. The neckwear provides the biker with a greater field of vision, since there is no obscurity, in the way of wearing a helmet. ‘Frontline Gloves’ were created by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon. The purpose of the product is to allow one team member to effectively communicate with the other team member that the “coast is clear and safe,” or that matters are still threatening. The way the firefighters do so: is by way of electronic devices, located on the gloves.


Designer: SegraSegra creates T-shirts and jackets from bicycle inner-tubes, that have been recycled. Emma Whiteside is the designer of a gown, made of recycled radiator copper.


Designer, Soledad Martin is working on a proto-type for shoe apparel. The walker or jogger is able to charge his cell phone, when wearing the shoe apparel, by way of kinetic energy.


Well-known designer, Diane Von Furstenberg, was able to bring wearing fashionable eye apparel, to the forefront, when she allowed her fashion runway models to wear Google Glass, while showing her line, on the runway.


Conclusively, fashion and technology work quite well together. Exceptional fashions, are the result, when combining the features of sophisticated technological elements and fashion design. There is a great deal of usefulness and popularity, associated with the product. The world is made a safer and more harmonious place to live, when combining the two elements of fashion and technology.


Notes Regarding Chris Burch:


Chris Burch is the former creator of ‘Eagle’s Eye Apparel’. The brand, launched Chris into the fashion industry. He and his brother Robert, began the line, by purchasing sweaters for ten dollars per piece. They sold each sweater, to women, on the Campus of Ithaca University, for $15. The brand expanded to other University Campuses, and then retail locations were opened up. The brand was eventually sold in a deal that resulted in the millions of dollars.


Chris, during the decades, has invested, heavily, in unique and profitable retail lines. He is also a real estate investor. Some of the brands, Chris has invested include: Poppin, Aliph, Powermat, Voss Water, ED by Ellen Degeneres, and BaubleBar, among many others—over fifty lines. As mentioned, he invests in real estate too. Real estate investments are located in Nantucket, The Hamptons, and a resort on the beautiful island of Sumba, in Indonesia. It is the preceding insights that have brought Chris, much, in the way of continued prosperity. He is currently the leader of ‘Burch Creative Capital’.


George Soros Social Causes

There are a lot of people who respect the work that George Soros is doing right now. Over the years, he has proven to truly care about others. Not only that, but he is working as hard as possible to change politics where a select few are not the only ones that people care about. He believes that one of the biggest problems today is that millions of people do not have access to the basics of life. With this access, he would be able to help a lot of people. Many people today want to build a better life for their future, but they are not able to with all of the changes that are going on with political unrest. In addition, their country lacks the basic economic resources on needed to provide for their families.

George Soros

When George Soros was young, he grew up in poverty. Over time, he was able to move to another country and he has worked hard to get to where he is today. Not only that, but he truly believes in helping others along the way as well. He has amassed a huge fortune, and with that money he is able to work to impact the lives of other people around the world. Not only that, but he really wants to start investing in the lives of others to help them get out of their current situation on Investopedia.


In many places around the world, people do not have basic access to education. This can cause a lot of issues down the road. Without education according to, people cannot get higher paying jobs or provide the services that are needed in the future. A lot of people today are worried about the changes that are taking place in the economy. As automation continues to take away a lot of jobs, some people are worried that more unemployment and political unrest could be coming.

Future Plans

In the coming years, George Soros wants to implement a lot of his policy changes in any way that he can. He is always trying to involve himself with political leaders around the world. This is a way to help other people get to the next level in life. Not only that, but George Soros wants nations around the world to start looking at the gap between the rich and the poor. This gap has never been higher in many nations, and it can cause a lot of issues to a society if it stays that way. George Soros is hoping that countries will start to look at various programs where they can help distribute this wealth differently.

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a licensed doctor in New Jersey who practices neurology and psychiatry at the Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates he also works closely with Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus. He studied and graduated with a medical degree from the government medical college in 1979. He undertook a medical resident program at Boston University medical center and is now among the 34 doctors at Kennedy University Hospital who specialize in neurology.

In his more than 30 years of practice, Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta has gained expansive knowledge on neurological, nervous system and other disorders that affect the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and muscles. He also treats diseases associated with the involuntary nervous system that controls the brain and some muscular organs such as the heart and lungs. In addition to treating these diseases, he treats other general illnesses such as headaches, seizures, stroke, and epilepsy, sleep disorders and multiple sclerosis among others.

Most recently a research in multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment shows that the MS drugs in the market have a lower curative efficiency that they are thought to have. The research shows that a one-time treatment with a high-dose immunosuppressive therapy and autologous hematopoietic cell transplant is more effective that the long-term treatment with MS drugs. The body’s immunity was suppressed after the collection of the patient’s stem cells that were later injected into the body after the treatment. The body’s immunity was suppressed after the collection of the patient’s stem cells that were later injected into the body after the treatment. Even though a few of the patients showed no improvements most of the patients shown progress, their relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis remained in remission in the five years and some of them regained some of the lost abilities.

The research funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is hope that there could be the better treatment for the drug-resistant multiple sclerosis that has made many people lose hope. Eventually, the research’s findings need further research but it is a good to start when it comes to better treatment and diagnosis of the disease.

Sujit Choudhry: An Expert In Comparative Law

The importance of comparative law has increased in the present age, and the works of experts like Sujit are becoming relevant. Comparative law is an academic discipline that seeks to understand the relationship between the different types of laws. It studies both the similarities and differences in these laws. Comparative law is involved in the study of Islamic, socialist, civil, Hindu, Jewish, Canon and the Chinese laws.



The main purpose of the discipline is to understand the laws that are being used. It also contributes to the unification of these statues. Even though it is different from all the other legal studies, the comparative law provides guidance on all these academic disciplines.



Today, according to, most of the legislators are using the comparative law to draft their constitutions. It has helped the different international institutions like the United Nations to understand the laws of the various countries.



About Sujit Choudhry



Sujit Choudhry has established himself as a leader and an expert in the field of comparative law. He has provided guidance in the constitutional transitions of different countries including Egypt, Libya, Jordan and Tunisia.



Sujit Choudhry has written a constitutional design that has been used as a tool to manage the constitutional crisis in the countries and provide a peaceful transition. He has also been studying the constitutional transitions from authoritarian to democratic politics. He is a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster. He has been a consultant for various organizations including the World Bank.



Sujit began his career in 1996 working as a clerk for the Supreme Court of Canada. After completing his Master in Laws, he joined the University of Toronto faculty of law as an Assistant Professor of Law from 1999 to 2004. He was later promoted to a tenured position of Associate Professor of Law. He served in this position for six years before becoming the Scholl Chair. While working in Canada, he was a member of the Governing Toronto Advisory Panel. He also served on the Board of Directors of Legal Aid Ontario.  Based on



He is currently the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. He served as the dean but later resigned in 2016.



Sujit holds a Bachelor of Science from McGill University, Bachelor of Arts in Law from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Toronto. He also attended Harvard Law School from 1997-1998 where he earned his Master of Laws.  Hop over Here.



White Shark Media Developing Businesses Presence Online

White Shark Media is a North American Company that carries out online marketing for companies on digital platforms like Google. The company was started in the year 2011 by Dutch business partners who had experience in both digital and offline marketing strategies. They saw a business gap in SMB market and immediately stepped in to fill it. The company is under the management of Mr. Gary Garth. The company enjoys an excellent reputation from its clients due to its pocket-friendly tailored services that precisely match the customer needs to the expectation and beyond. The world class experience from the customers they serve place them on the cutting edge. White Shark Media has thus been listed among the fastest growing marketing companies in North America. This great deal of success lies in the value of a customer to the enterprise. They don’t allow customers make mistakes from ignorance and fail but rather give them their experience for starting anything new.

Out 29 Google Ad Words™ Premier SMB Partners, White Shark Media is one of them. This is because the company proved its competence to rigorous Google training and qualification as well. The company was also awarded the Google Ad Words™ Premier SMB in 2014. It was thus picked to join the league just a year after the formation of the company so you can just imagine. The company competed well with the other 29 companies coming top in 2014 and being awarded the Google Ad Words™ Premier SMB. White Shark Media performance was also spotted by Microsoft and slotted an advert opportunity with Bing. All these possibilities lifted the company to a better position of client service delivery.

The company continues with rejuvenated efforts to face the digital market full of real challenges that call for innovation, experience, and most of all, determination to achieve double size growth in customer base. This will include improving efficiency to customers by responding to the complaint(s) promptly. The communication channel to the customers will also be renovated for the free flow of messages and access even through a phone call.

BBB Accredited Securus Technologies Is a Great Option For Communicating

There are many ways for people to connect with one another in today’s highly advanced world of technology. Unfortunately, a great percentage of people are not necessarily taking advantage of everything there is to offer in the world of technology. It is a fast paced society of advancements in technology.


Securus Technologies has brought innovation to homes and correctional facilities simultaneously. Although that may sound like a dangerous mix, it is actually done for the benefits of both parties. Meaning, one can now participate in visitation sessions of their loved one who may be in jail from the comfort of their very own home through the means of video conferencing. If you are not sure about whether there are options of connecting with you friend, family member, or co-worker through video conferencing while they are currently in jail, then please do not hesitate to search for the listings on the company’s website. If the correctional facility is on the list, then you will be able to chat with your friend, family member, or co-worker through Securus Technologies. If the correctional facility is not on the list, then you may still be able to participate in a video session with them as long as you are able to gain approval from the jail.


A company that has attained BBB accreditation is certainly one that can be relied upon, and Securus Technologies is one of them. They have receive positive feedback through ratings and reviews, thus, making them a viable option of communicating for anyone who wants to keep in touch with their significant other, family member, or friend. Visitation through the means of physical presence at a correctional facility can be inconvenient for some people. Video conferencing is much more convenient and fun at the same time. Sign up for an account today!


Children Benefit From Anthony Petrello’s Donations

A unique man, who is foremost accredited for his reservoir of useful insight, Tony Petrello embodies the understanding, and the force, to achieve considered and fruitful endeavors within a principally spur-of-the-moment and untamed trade. In the capacity of his occupation as a Chief Executive Officer and the leader of his foremost firm Nabors Industries, Tony worked actively to complete the demands of a Juris Doctors.

Tony received this important diploma from the renowned and reputable Harvard Law School. Besides this feat, Tony fulfilled his aspirations of finishing a Masters degree with a major in the luminescent field of Mathematics, from the reputable Yale University. Tony’s groundwork corporation, Nabors Industries, is a subsidiary of his original business, Nabors. It is at Nabors Industries that Tony manages his responsibility with the title of Chairman. Tony, in addition to this, is the person in charge of a different undertaking, the Hilcorp Company. At the same time, Tony performs this task at the business known as Stewart & Stevenson.

In addition to succeeding as an Executive in the oil business, Tony Petrello is equally a dear and thoughtful sponsor, famed all over the Houston district. Tony Petrello offered millions of dollars to institutions for helping children in need, as well as to venerated foundations, primarily the Baylor College. These resources make sure that there is support for children that are struggling with neurological conditions.

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Tony Petrello’s extensive donations arise from a caring and compassionate stance, which came into fruition when his daughter was diagnosed as a premature baby. Tony Petrello’s child was diagnosed with a terrible neurological condition, one that explicitly targets premature newborns. Tony’s spouse had originally sought for their daughter to eventually become a proficient dancer, while Tony pictured their newborn becoming an astonishing math whiz. Unfortunately, when they were brought to the realization that their little one was stricken with this appalling medical disease, referred to as periventricular leukomalacia, which in time advanced to cerebral palsy, the Petrello family unit altered their mindset towards protecting their newborn’s quality of life.

Tony focused his sympathy towards newborns with neurological afflictions, and began offerings of assistance in the form of millions of dollars, to hospitals whose care was in particular directed to children’s health. This generosity was planned to facilitate the conquering of neurological disorders. Tony is lauded by many individuals as a valued asset to children.

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