Clayton Hutson: Expert Sound Engineer

Clayton Hutson is a sound engineer. He knows how to engineer music to sound the best and to make sure people can hear it the way it’s meant to be heard. Clayton Hutson spends a lot of time working with musicians to come up with the right way to manage their sound. He knows there are different ways sound works and that’s how he makes sure his business is working the right way. He’s always planned to help people understand engineering sound and that’s another part of the job he does.


Things can sound different depending on where they are and the vibrations they make. Clayton Hutson knows this and knows how to make sound hit just the right areas so it sounds the best it can. He spent time working on new techniques to help people understand how sound works. There are things he can do that allow him to make the best out of the sound each musician makes. For Clayton Hutson, the best part of the job is always giving people a chance to hear the sound he’s engineered. The ideas he has are to always make the music sound better than what it could sound.


Since Clayton Hutson spent time working with big bands, he knew how to help them get where they want to be. He always tries to give the people who are in different bands the help they need. Recently, he worked with OneRepublic. On their tour, he helped them decide which sound engineering solution would work best for the music they already had. He also tried to show them how they could make their songs in the future so they wouldn’t need to worry about all the problems that came from sound engineering. It was his duty to give people the help they needed.


Sound is an art form. While musicians also make art, engineering sound is also a way people can take advantage of the art form. Since Clayton Hutson knew he could make sure sound was working, he felt sound engineering was his best option. It was his way of making sure people heard things the right way and didn’t have to worry about the issues that came along with hearing a song that had distorted sound. Live sound engineering is a talent Clayton Hutson has. It took him a long time to perfect the live sound engineering because of the way every sound stage is different. Learn more: