Beneful is Dog Food You can Believe in

Beneful is a brand of dog and puppy food that is synonymous with quality and care. The carefully crafted ingredients of each food choice creates a culinary experience most canines go crazy for. They offer wet and dry food options in a variety of flavors that are exciting and innovative while still offering balanced nutrition to a vast variety of dog breeds. Beneful gives people, and their furry pals, healthy and tasty doggy dining options to choose from. Their sincere respect for animals and their human companions allows Beneful to put puppies and pooches at the heart of their products.

Under AuiemoNeto, JHSF becomes international player

Despite significant challenges as a country, Brazil has undergone a major transformation over the last few decades. Once a dilapidated backwater of Latin America, the country is quickly becoming a first-world entity. This is especially true in its major cities, where world-class developments are supplanting the fatherless and slums of old.

One of the key actors in this transformation of the country from third-world dysfunction to a beacon of high-end luxury living is a man named Jose AuriemoNeto. As the son of Fabio Auriemo, one of Brazil’s pioneering real estate developers, he has taken over the family business, JHSF Participacaoes. Having been founded in 1972, the company is one of Brazil’s oldest continually operating real estate development firms, with hundreds of successful projects in its portfolio and dozens of ongoing real estate developments in construction currently.

The company has its principal markets in Salvador, Manaus and Sao Paulo. But it also has major operations in Rio De Janeiro as well as other major cities throughout the country. The company has largely focused on the development of luxury brands. These include some of the country’s most posh shopping centers as well as a large number of luxury condominium developments. In a country known for its sprawling slums, nobody is doing more to overhaul Brazil’s image than JHSF Participacaoes. Having built some of the most sought-after residential properties in the country, JHSF Participacaoes has directly taken on some of the most well-known luxury markets in the world, such as New York City and London, competing for the richest and most discerning customers on the planet.

One example of this philosophy of creating world-class luxury developments is the ParqueCidadeJardim development. After Jose AuriemoNeto spotted a large vacant property, adjacent to a major highway running through Sao Paulo, he immediately recognized it as a premier site for the development of a large-scale luxury condominium, office and shopping development. The size and scope of the project had never been done before in Brazilian history. To know more click here.

Today, ParqueCidadeJardim has almost 100 percent occupancy and is Sao Paulo’s premier luxury shopping destination.

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Jason Hope – Engadget Recap

The Internet and Things According to Jason Hope

If anyone has anything to do with the IT field these days, one of the most common terms that they are going to hear are the phrases the “internet of things“. Even though the technology has been around since the late 1970’s, it is only in recent times it’s becoming a reality. And Jason Hope is optimistic that it will decide the fortunes and success of companies. This is because he believes that the internet of things is going to be one of the biggest changes in the way people live.

What is the internet of things and why is it such a big deal? The simple answer is that almost all devices that people use in their day to day lives, from phones and fridges to coffee makers and washing machines are all going to be connected to the internet. This means consumers will be able to control all these things and more, through an app on their smartphones. So it is easy to see why Mr. Hope’s prediction will come true. This is huge for so many companies that produce electronic consumer goods of any kind. Already there is competition among app developers to come up with apps that can control all these devices, remotely, with a press of a button. However, Mr. Hope is careful to point out that it is not only about making life easier but more efficient also.

Jason Hope is a native of Arizona and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. As a philanthropist, business owner and futurist he has made a lot of contributions to different fields. After graduating from Arizona State University, he went on to start a successful software company.

As far as philanthropy is concerned one of his biggest contributions is his support for SENS Foundation at Cambridge University. SENS is involved in the world of medicine and their primary research revolves around discovering ways to improve peoples health for the longterm. In other words, it is about preventing diseases as opposed to finding cures for various illnesses. Through this type of work, SENS is trying to give a whole new meaning to living long and healthy.

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Brian Bonar Tells French To Buy ETFs Now

Brian Bonar is the CEO at Trucept which is a professional employer organization where he uses his expertise and leadership experience to help client companies outsource various responsibilities to his company. Things like employee benefits, recruiting and hiring, and worker’s compensation are all expertly handled by the PEO.

He recently gave the French Tribune his advice about it being the ideal time for investors to go with ETFs (exchange traded funds) now that the presidential election is over in France.

Brian Bonar sees the upcoming European political events as even more reason to stay with the European exchange-traded funds rather than looking away just because the country’s presidential election has completed. The legislative elections in France are still nearing, and things like the national elections in Germany will give ample room for continued growth in the European economy for investors to profit nicely off of ETFs according to him.

There are many positives to be taken from the fairly easy defeat of Marine Le Pen by Emmanuel Macron. It is seen as a good sign for the European economy which should now remain quite stable given the results and the outlook for Macron. According to San Diego Magazine, Brian Bonar is seen as more economically stable which is a good thing for the markets. Despite the stable economy, Brian Bonar advises that the Euro has not reached the current strength of the US Dollar, and this means that the cost of buying is relatively cheaper by comparison.

This opportunity to buy low will likely not last for too long, and so investors who are looking for the bargains need to get in now before it is too late. The outcome of that investment will depend on how the markets react to the future elections across Europe, and if they rise then this will mean nice profits for anyone who was able to get in now.

Another thing to pay attention to is who Emmanuel Macron chooses as his prime minister. If he can get someone who is tolerable by both political parties, and can then achieve a welcome balance among the varied interests then this can mean good things ahead for the markets.

Le Pen held stronger views against immigration and was more centrist in perspective which was a problem for many French voters according to the French Tribune. On the other side, Macron is left-leaning and this may not be ideal for voters who simply could have chosen the lesser of two evils.

In any case, European ETFs have quite a bit less risk than when investing in stocks directly, and investors will have to wait and see what happens with the markets. In the meantime, they should get into ETFs where possible to be ready for the possible, perhaps even probable, gains.

How Lori Senecal Left A Mark At One of the Industry’s Best Advertising Firms

They say that all good things must come to an end. That saying certainly rings true for the large advertising agency CP+B that will be saying goodbye to one of the most impactful players on its team, its current Global CEO Lori Senecal. Senecal has spent just two years at CP+B but has managed to make a big impact on the company’s business and is certain to leave shoes that will likely be hard for her successor to fill. According to Ad Weekly Lori Senecal will retiring towards the close of 2017. In the two years that she has spent at the company, CP+B reached important milestones and collected high profile industry awards for its work in advertising.

During her tenure there CP+B was named a Creativity Innovator of the Year by Advertising Age Magazine. The company also won big at a prestigious global film festival. The company was recognized for its work at the Cannes Lions Festival France where it took home the Titanium Grand Prix award for the work that it did on a campaign for the American pizza company Dominos. The Titanium Grand Prix award is bestowed upon nominees that are believed to be using innovation to revolutionize the way business is done. More details can be found on Inspirery.

Lori’s role at CP+B was a distinct and vital one. As the company’s international Chief Executive Officer she was responsible for the oversight of all of the company’s overseas branches. Lori provided leadership and guidance for the company’s global business. Her role required her to have a strong understanding of the advertising industry in various international markets and how CP+B could develop a distinctive expertise within each of these international marketplaces. The offices that Senecal was responsible for overseeing during her time with the firm include CP+B’s offices in London, England and offices in Beijing, China, Hong Kong, Scandinavia and Brazil. These global presences have allowed CP+B to develop a strong presence in strategically important markets in Latin America and East Asia. Through Lori’s guidance the company was able to successfully translate its unconventional approach to advertising to the needs of brands in a diverse range of marketplaces.

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Equities First Holdings, The International Lending Alternative

EFH refers to a global firm whose offices are found in nine nations. Such countries consist of entirely owned holdings Equities First (London), Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd, among others. EFH together with the entire subsidiary operate absolutely and those categorized as sophisticated shareholders. It is, however, important to note that it is not planned for wholesale stakeholders.

Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) has offered services such as other financing resolutions, equipping capital against the communally transacted stocks. The objective, in this case, being the attainment of their individual as well as the proficient targets. The firm has been practicing this since the year 2002. EFH offers assets against portions traded on public exchanges globally. More information on the same can be found at Equities First

It is important to acknowledge the fact that EFH is an international leader regarding substitute lending approaches and keeps the maintenance of three Australian Localities in the aim of accommodating the increasing commerce. The locations include Perth, Sydney as well as Melbourne.

The companies aim at offering customers with loans about the stock. This is in line with the intention of availing capital to facilitate strategic ventures as well as business expansion. The loans that are stock-based are open. The implication here is therefore that the role in which the capital can be utilized is not restricted.

The fact that the heart of Melbourne is where the newly established Australian office of Equities First Holdings happened. The significant aspect of this is that it increases the accessibility to both the clients as well as the business supporters. The expectation is that the Australian business will consistently grow. The movement of the Melbourne office as well provides an improved space for holding the present customers as well as the workforce with opportunity for growth regarding the operations of the company for more info click here .

Anthony Petrello’s Dedication to Develop a Research Center for Children with Neurological Disorders

Anthony G Petrello is an attorney, mathematician, renowned philanthropist, and the highest paid CEO in the U.S. with a total compensation of $27,512,939 as of 2015. Mr. Petrello is also the current President and CEO of Nabors Industries, one of the leading companies in oil, gas, and geothermal drilling in Africa, Middle East, America, and the Far East. He studied a Bachelors and Masters degree in mathematics at Yale University and later attained his J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Career BackGround

Anthony Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 as the President and COO until October 2011. He also joined the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the Board in 1991 and became the Deputy Chairman of Nabors in 2003. Mr. Petrello is the current President and CEO of the company since October 2011 in addition to being the Chairman of the Board and the Chairman of the Executive Committee board from 2012. Anthony Petrello holds vast experience in international arbitration, corporate law, and taxation following his work at Baker & Mckenzie from 1979 to 1991.

Anthony and Her Daughters Condition

Anthony together with his wife Cynthia Petrello has taken part in finding help for their daughter Carena who was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia during birth at 24 weeks. Carena’s condition comes from low flow of blood to the brain leading to the development of cerebral palsy and other developmental conditions. Tony and Cynthia have been to numerous pediatric research institutions looking for a solution for their daughter’s condition. They finally found hope at Texas Children’s Hospital where Carena has been learning to walk and talk.


Anthony and Cynthia Petrello have led fundraising of up to $5 million to the research institution with the aim of reaching their $7 million target. The research institution will use the funding to research and develop clinical programs related to children with neurological disorders.



Julie Zuckerberg: Driven To Succeed

Julie Zuckerberg embodies what it means to be persistent, driven and determined to succeed no matter the circumstance. As a leading executive recruiter working for Deutsche Bank, she has taken on the task of employing millennials that will thrive and be the center of the next generation of banking professionals.


It is stated that millennials are not as driven to work and be committed to a job as individuals as past generations, however, Julie has been entrusted to be the forerunner in recruitment because of her keen understanding and communication skills. She is equipped with both the psychological discipline and the philosophical learning skills needed to be successful and is widely known as one Deutsche Bank‘s greatest employees.


Julie Zuckerberg embodies what it means to go the extra mile. Her journey to becoming a great recruiter was well calculated. She studies her current employees, individuals social media sites and she also gets current employees involved in the hiring process of new candidates. This helps her find candidate that will fit well in the company culture and building trust and community within the company. This strategy goes to the show the genius mind of Zuckerberg and how she maintains a great reputation.


Julie utilizes every possible resource to ensure the successful recruitment of the future of the banking industry. She is active in multiple professional organizations. She also cultivates long standing relationships with other recruiters, executive search forms, and university placement offices. She is also able to take advantage of Deutsche Bank’s attractive employment bundle which gives her an upper hand when finding outside talent. Deutsche Bank also has an outstanding reputation as a top establishment which also aids in keeping employees with the company longer.


It is more of a challenge to keep millennials around at entry-level positions, but Julie is a master at interacting and keeping them encouraged and in great spirits concerning the job. Julie is dedicated to her work. When she is not at work, she is still pouring herself into learning and figuring out ways to be successful.


Julie Zuckerberg understands the importance of balance. She takes time to enjoy the outdoors, eating good food and attending art exhibits. She also takes time to enjoy some of her favorite hobbies which include photography and running. She is a well-rounded person and knows that her work load should not overload her life. Julie Zuckerberg is truly an inspiration for anyone wanting to thrive in any position in life.


Arthur Becker – The Road to Multi-Million-Dollar Success

Arthur Becker is becoming an increasingly popular name in biotechnology and real estate circles as his investment portfolio expands. He has made headlines for his recent successes in his real estate investments, and he has even greater plans for the future. Here is a brief insight into the mind of Arthur Becker.

Arthur Becker’s Investment Positions

As per The Real Deal, Arthur Becker is a managing member of Madison Partners, LLC. Madison Partners is an investment firm that specializes in early biotechnology startups and real estate, two of Becker’s main investment assets. He says that the idea for Madison Partners, LLC came to him during his time at ZINIO and NaviSite where he gained a lot of exposure to biotechnology and real estate.

His focus in real estate increased after he sold NaviSite in 2011. His first major investments in real estate were in Miami and New York City. Today, however, he has invested in property in many states across the U.S. He reckons that he has invested over $500 million in real estate projects all over New York through Madison Partners, LLC.

His latest investment saw him get three townhouses in on Sulivan Street in Soho, one of the most pristine neighborhoods in New York City. He got the houses in exchange for his stake in a condominium project that is in the same neighborhood. Rumor has it that Becker has already made plans to move into one of the townhouses, and he plans to lease off or sell the others for what is projected to be a handsome return.

Becker has also invested in several early-stage biotechnology companies. His interest in biotechnology is inspired by the potential breakthroughs in the treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. In fact, he describes his involvement in the sector as active.

A Long Road to Success

Arthur Becker has not always been the successful investor he is today. He claims to have tried his hand in many businesses and failed numerous times. Today, however, he attributes his success to intelligent tenacity and information. He advises upcoming investors and entrepreneurs to network with colleagues and be at the forefront of developments in their particular industries.

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Tim Armour Points To Serious Flaws In A Popular Buffett Investment Strategy

While no one can dispute that billionaire investor Warren Buffett has an enviable understanding of the investment market, his style may not be an example for everyone to follow. Fellow investor Tim Armour explains in a recent op-ed how the “Oracle of Omaha” is wrong about his trust in passive index funds.

Buffett’s long been a fan of the S&P 500 passive index fund, where he can apply his bottom-up strategy of investment, incurring little risk for a modest investment. While this strategy has been helpful in helping Buffett secure his empire. Timothy Armour argues that this strategy could be a disaster in the current market environment, particularly for those who are preparing for retirement. But there is a better way to plan for the future while adding to one’s portfolio.

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Armour points out that the perceived safety in a passive fund isn’t really a guarantee against loss or risk, and in an unkind market they crash just like active funds would. Many people may be unaware of this fact given the unusual length of this bull market giving many investors positive returns. But anticipating the turn to a bear market can make the difference between a retirement in comfort and one defined by financial stress.

Rather than focusing so intently on the safest investment they can find, Armour suggests new investors instead look to how invested managers are investing in their own funds. From accumulated data, Armour has found that managers who invest into their own funds results in consistently higher returns that outperform benchmark indexes.

While it isn’t a way to accurately predict the market, Armour believes that by taking on some risk and seeing which managers are confident in their own fund to do the same he’s been able to average 1,47% above index benchmarks per year after fund expenses are accounted for.